Miui 10 Build Prop Tweaks

prop files to optimize your experience. So Im Added Those all Tweeks into The Build. Miui Launcher 7. Demikian cara Tweak Carging Cepat dan Irit baterai Android via build prop, semoga bermanfaat. prop with the tweaks from this guide should not harm your device in any way, but just to be safe, create a backup of your build. You can follow our guide on how to boot Xiaomi phones into TWRP recovery. We used to get many Google exclusive features from the Nexus phones on our Android devices just by editing the build prop file. Final Words. May 26, 2019 #267. MIUI Version comes form build. └ Tip: Make a copy of the build. us-Sholes-1. - ficheiro GPS. prop will be saved as Build. PROP HERE NOTE: You may need to right-click on the above link and Save Link As. 0 (MODDED Stock :D) For Samsung Galaxy S Duos. prop" in any Text Editor. d tweaks και scripts. Update (17/10/2010): MIUI 0. prop act as a part of the Windows registry, so inside it we can find some variable, which some apps rely on. Copy the code of your choice and paste it at the end. prop in the system folder. 3,Teamwin Recovery,Recovery 3e(Chọn khi cài đặt rom) +Tích hợp Full Adobe Flash Player +Tích Hợp Kernel V2 Vào rom +Add…. Rom Miui V5 (version 3. Build Properties aka “build. Well, don't worry, as there is a way around that as well. Build对象,查询MANUFACTURER和MODEL的值,MANUFACTURER值为[Xiaomi]即为小米设备,MODEL为设备名称,比如[Redmi 4X]表示红米4X。. prop by Member of Lenovo a369i Group- Hello, good night guys ? Everyday i share about custom rom, today i want share a tweak script in build. prop in order to allow. prop performance tweaks - added init. wb Selamat datang di awan trik pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan membagikan tips setting tweak internet, tweak ini bisa di pasang di init. Способ 1: добавьте в файл system/build. In this video I'm showing you :- 1. Turn off your device and boot into TWRP recovery mode. Update: MIUI 10 based on Android 9 Pie is now available for some of Xioami’s latest devices including Mi Mix 2S and Mi 8. 3 B926 Fast, smooth, plenty of RAM & themes Download MIUIV4-2. prop tweaks related to camera and flashlight I updated my redmi 1s to this MIUI 7. Find this line dalvik. so This module also adds camera2api support in the build. Tweak Display Density. Seeder, Sang Penakluk Lag & Peningkat Performa Android. Miui File explorer 8. On all devices ll on /system/build. This was done because to apply these Tweaks correctly as part of the 108 Script with my current knowledge would do either one of two things, permanently add these Tweaks to the Build. prop mà bạn có thể thực hiện để các tùy chỉnh chiếc điện thoại của mình. Prop Tweaks اللي الناس بتدور عليها وهي تعديلات جميلة ولذيذة بالمناسبة ولو نفذتها كلها صح هتحس ان تليفونك اتغير فعلا - طبعا زي مانبهت. Aim of this guide is to have an unlocked bootloader so that you can use Alka recovery to enable root, busybox and Xposed on stock Miui. So if you have a rooted Galaxy S3 and you want to extend the capabilities of your device, here is a great collection of best Galaxy S3 custom ROMs available on the web. Tweaks BUILD. prop ou o wpa supplicant, coisa que nunca me tinha acontecido na MIUI 4. Tweak yang akan saya share ini merupakan tweak build. prop nah caranya bagaimana. The new MIUI 9 features include Image Search, Smart Assistant, Smart App Launcher, and Performance Enhancements. Prop > Buka root explorer,kemudian mount ke system,lalu pilih dan tahan file build. I grabbed it untouched from my phone and am placing it here so it's easier to review and make changes for those who wish to do so. 2 Nougat) Build. SU Features : > Inbuilt Root > Inbuilt Gapps > Inbuilt Build. Prop, antes con xposer y el modulo miui8 tweaks se podia hacer. 何か変だなぁと思ったら、build. İndirme linki. 0 – Bromo Kernel – SRS build. 14 ROM on Mi Max 2 by downloading from below link. 22 Useful Android Build Prop Tweaks For Better Experience | 2019 Edition Varun Kumar January 28, 2019 8 min read The one thing that makes Android superior to other operating systems is the level of customizability it offers to its users. 5, Tap menu key and select save and exit. 2 KITKAT ROM Details: This amazing MIUI custom ROM comes with tons of new features and is based on 4. 13/09/2013 — 24 Comments. prop Shown in this picture For XPERIA devices: The whole build. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Make your phone ring as soon as you get a call. Download the app Root Explorer or Solid Explorer or ES File Explorer as you would need its text editor to make the tweaks. prop tweaks are compatible with Android Jellybean and above. 不积跬步无以至千里 在这里修改build. So I decided to make this build prip tweaking easy to addopt by creating simple magisk module. And many more. Hai sob! pada postingan sebelumnya saya sudah share tutorial Cara Mudah Buat CWM. prop may cause more google app drain in standby?? Last version of MIUI 10. Lets Hope it will work on MIUI as it consumes a lot more RAM. MIUI 10 STABLE ROMS. 2 на просто MIUI7. id=IMM76D <- La ID de la compilación. prop tweak fixes — I/O tweak optimized — Added scrolling-smoothness tweak — misc. xda-developers Legacy & Low Activity Devices Motorola Milestone XT720 Milestone XT720 Android Development [MOD] Build. How to tweak Build. prop Save & Reboot Ex: # begin build properties. MIUI 9 Update for Redmi Note 3 is out, and the MIUI 9 China Developer ROM for other Xiaomi Devices will be available soon. If you own a Xiaomi phone runs MIUI 9 and want to change DPI density on it without root, read on to know how it is. prop الخاص بك. A Magisk module for debloating MIUI 10 China Developer ROM - jxjhheric/MIUI-10-China-Debloat Added some build. Sono lippol94 e sono lo sviluppatore di MIUI Mintberry, un progetto nato da alcune settimane su XDA, assieme a [ROM] MIUI MintBerry Edition 1. MIUI Port Hits Sony Xperia Neo. d предварительно удалив файл boot. @Czarek1 jeśli telefon zachowuje się tak po długim leżeniu w słońcu mogło dojść do jakiegoś uszkodzenia na płycie. Beautiful cleankat lockscreen, screenshot attached. ·added some build. MIUI 10 GSI Treble - Android 8. Added build. nerwork connectivity is poor but it works perfect at beginning after sometime it was gone. prop for ARHD by MarcoHD AOSP [Place Holder] Sense [MODS/SRC] lyapota mods and sources by lyapota Mods For All Sense 3. The default launcher is the Touchwiz launcher. I have tested this Mod from XDA Member slaid480 and want to integrate this in my Rom because this makes MIUI, - Build. de Nuevo instalador sabor en 3 idiomas NUEVA MIUI Arome instalador Tema NUEVA MIUI en Alemán, Inglés y Español NUEVA opción Logo de inicio NUEVO 4 x 2 reproductores de reloj, dependiendo de la lengua ACTUALIZACIÓN SmoothScroll Tweak por defecto ACTUALIZACIÓN Pasos de volumen opcional. d script and Build. 不积跬步无以至千里 在这里修改build. parti tema sorununu çözüyor. prop Tweak, and many more programs MIUI 7 Tweaks. Lets Hope it will work on MIUI as it consumes a lot more RAM. Hivatalos MIUI Magyarország rajongói oldal. 3, Long press on the Build. xda-developers Android Development and Hacking Android General [Tweaks][Guide]Build. supplicant_scan_interval=180 pm. Themed statusbar 13. prop file on your device’s /system partition. Lastly, I added the redraw fix local. prop yang sering digunakan untuk tweak pada android. All of these were much popular nowadays in which CM14 & Resurrection Remix are loved mostly by Android users. 3d performance improvement & init. If you have a bootloader unlocked device then you are ready to install the Gcam on your Android mobile phone. prop rebooted my phone, went to Settings/Developer options and swiped up down to ADB over Network, wich is now enabled permanently, and there is the IP address, but i assume you can get it on the console too. Chaosdog1 writes Have you noticed an improvement Talbess. sleep_mode=1 15. prop tweaks (Better Speed and optimization). Hola tras estar dando tumbos de movil en movil y andando por aqui haciendo preguntas de cocina pues os presento una ROM en la que estoy trabajando para el Xperia U, hay que decir que solo tengo 13 años y todavia me quedan muchas cosas difíciles por aprender, y tengo los estudios por delante con lo cual no puedo estar todo el dia pendiente de la ROM. d (im still using your script now) maybe you shud look my build. prop Redmi 5 Plus - The Redmi 5 Plus is powered by a 2GHz, octa-core, Cortex A53 processor which is based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 MSM8953 chipset. editor, BuildProp-Editor. zdunex25 committed Oct 18, 2019. MIUI y roms stock, asi como las. Make your phone ring as soon as you get a call. MIUI v5 miuiandroid Modificare le seguenti linee del build. Credits : Cheatman For Kyle Kernel Crossbreeder Jeeko For Pure Graphics Bravia Engine XDA MIUI Mohitash For Bootanimation. That concludes our roundup of the best volume HUD-based jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10, but if you’re looking for more cool tweaks to mod our your jailbroken iPhone or iPad, then you’ll want to stay tuned to iDB for the latest news about tweak releases and for upcoming roundups because we’ve got exclusive content coming up that you won’t. prop 단말기 내의 path is /system/build. mainkeys=0' & restart phone. Most of the tutorials on internet or youtube are by rooting your device and installing magisk/magisk modules or by editing the build. Now download and install it. tweak collections for build. eu 的 MIUI 9 主要面向国外用户,有些过度精简了 (就比如小米支付),而且到官方论坛去反馈也没用。 目前我发现的其他问题还有: 1. camera tweaks (shooting modes, 4K and shooting when the screen is off, reducing noise, etc. 21-Full MIUI Stock -Full New Optimized -Improve perfomance-Xperia Keyboatd Added-Init. prop Tweaks - a Quick Look At What others are saying Useful Build. MIUI Translation Checker. It also has the ability to backup the entire phone (EFS partition). d performance tweaks. [Apk] Lucky Pachter This Is 9. Yo guys, what's up?! So in this video, I explore the power and flexibility of the build prop. PROP ni ????. Prop Tweaks-New Ram Managements -Battry Tweaks-New Deep Sleep Data Method (Improves Battry and Reduce Ram Usage)-Display Sharpness tweaks. If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. zip for Motorola Moto E. 26(06-11-2012) new build prop tweaks better ram management by less tweaks. This is the most useful android build. Push/Pull files to any device partition. many build. 4GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor, featuring 2GB of RAM which performs seamlessly. Once you are done installing this MIUI ROM on the Redmi Note 7 I recommend you tap the Reboot System button as described in the written and video tutorial. -Remove Malicious mobile Feedback Program(running. Now download and install it. prop Tweaks > Touch Responsiveness Tweaks > SD Card boost script > Faster Internet > Faster Startup > Governor n build. prop tweak we discovered that allows you to easily add more granularity to your media or in-call volume slider. Changed BT name from Android to Redmi 13. Because I entered patch teleservise. Miui Launcher 7. prop) 11- Viper4Android +Dolby Atmos (Gran mejora y aumento sonido) (Nuevo) 12- Trabajando ajustes de audio MIUI (Fijo). These all build. Prop Redmi Note 6 Pro - The Redmi Note 6 Pro comes in an affordable budget and covers all the features. prop" Contoh: # Save battery wifi. Thiết bị cài ứng dụng Root Explorer. d startup script -- 99brickmaker. Profil Beiträge anzeigen Private Nachricht Fühle mich heimisch. Thanks to the guy @ 4pda forum. Follow the below guide to Download MIUI 9 Beta ROM for Redmi 4a and Redmi 4 Pro and Update Redmi 4a to MIUI 9 manually. I don't consider myself an Android Developer, I just love MIUI. prop tweaks Smooth UI Working WiFi Bluetooth RIL Camera Videorecorder Flashlight LED VoLTE (flash the VoLTE patch) Bugs Reboot recovery and boot-loader in power menu when your phone boot loop, phone not on , auto on off phone after install rom then install miui 9 boot 3. prop tweaks. MIUI Camera With Manual Controls, 4K Recoding [No Root][No TWRP] Hari ini saya akan berbagi thread dari aryaabi tentang sebuah aplikasi Kamera di MIUI Forum Global yaitu MIUI Camera. All build Prop tweaks 4. 何か変だなぁと思ったら、build. prop files to optimize your experience. я редактирую build. H+ OK Partitions OK GPS OK – Télécharger ROM – Mettre en carte SD interne le rom. 5, Tap menu key and select save and exit. 0 P3100: BATTERY TWEAKS DALVIK-CASHE TWEAKS SYSCTL TWEAKS ENTROPY TWEAKS THUNDERBOLT TWEAKS. Download Link CREDITED:-Satish. MUI Pro merupakan Rom yuang dikembangkan oleh developer Xiaomi. prop lalu save. prop Tweak, and many more programs MIUI 7 Tweaks. Ultra Explorer Pro 1. 2 Nougat) Build. 3 Gingerbread might be around the corner! Xperia X10 Schematics Revealed!. There are several ways to enabling the Camera2 API in MIUI 10 Phones so that we will try all the Process one by one. PakeDroid - hai sobat!Memang ya, para opreker itu punya seribu cara agar androidnya semakin ngacir Salah satunya dengan membuat tweak, tweak disini yaitu sekumpulan script untuk diterapkan di file build. (up to date) - google keyboard - Andriman OppoCamera 0. Dengan kata lain, build. Thiết bị cài ứng dụng Root Explorer. How to Edit Your build. img after flash rom. Not a big deal but Can tweak it myself by editing build. prop mod:-proximity szenzor fix(híváskor nem fogad sötét képernyő)-dalvik vm 64mb-nem működő felesleg prop beállítások törölve. H+ OK Partitions OK GPS OK – Télécharger ROM – Mettre en carte SD interne le rom. Redmi 2/2P Stable & Developer Rom Semua Versi [MIUI 5/6/7] Work 99% aman no bootloop. MIUI magyar rajongói oldala. 5 also comes with its own share of enhancements and improvements. prop' file and add the line 'qemu. prop文件,加入代码:. This guide will allow you to install Google Camera on any MIUI phone like Redmi note 5 Pro, Redmi Note5, Redmi Note 4 etc. This will enable the soft keys. It has a 5. It allows you to fine-tune MIUI firmware and its applications. prop tweaks and few others selected scripts from many. There's a file called build. Pasti kaya dari teman semua yang bahwasanya sudah tahu apa itu Build. Download 100++ Build. Some tweaks require restart to take effect. 0 VoLTE untuk Andromax R atau Andromax R Spesial Edition. prop không quyết định được crack theme vĩnh viễn. Click save and you’re done. Its Android 4. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. INSTALLATION: 1. MIUI 9 Update for Mi Max and Mi Max 2 is out and you can install it manually. How to Add more Steps to your Volume Slider [Root]. For detailed MIUI 7 changelog, check here. Fully themed 5. prop; Xperia X10 running Windows, Linux! Android 3 Honeycomb on Xperia X10; Android 2. prop file with a file manager app, or by editing the file with a purpose-built app. Miui Launcher 7. Download 100++ Build. Follow the below guide to Download MIUI 9 Beta ROM for Mi Max and Mi Max 2 and Update Mi Max and Mi Max 2 to MIUI 9 manually. apk font for better ICS. New modified ported theme that better fits this screen resolution. tặng bác tweaks build. # No Chinese Thing In Security, Setting, Launcher working properly. In this video I'm showing you :- 1. 10 02/02/10 MluI basado Germany. FEATURES: 1. Bugs this ROM. Install: Debemos tener rooteado el telefono y con. This build. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. ) centered clock. Also I love to connect with more people from all over the world. The original Build. heapsize=128m rubah 128m menjadi 64m dan tambahkan wifi. We are not sure if these watermarks are a part of the MIUI 11 builds or not and they can also be harmful for the alpha or beta testers. many build. Hello friends, in this video i am going to show you a simple technique to improve your camera performance in any android smartphone. As for the init. Hello MIUIers In this thread. FinallyMIUI 8 Global Beta Rom Released!. Install Gapps in MIUI 11-Many of the Users Currently using the Alpha or Beta version of the MIUI 11 which is the latest Firmware from the Xiaomi. prop tweaks!! Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by droidxtreme, Just copy every tweak from my build prop from h3 or 1. 45-inch HD+ Full Screen Display display with 1440 x 720 pixels resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass protection. Miui Camera 11. tweak now free download - Tweak, Tweak TFX, NOW, and many more programs 100++ Build. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Miui File explorer 8. Prop Tweaks. Use the top ranking build. Este post se irá actualizando acorde al información que se consiga. prop tweaks (Better Speed and optimization). 刘润专访雷军,谈小米怎样在线上线下,同时盈利刘润专访雷军,谈小米线上线下怎样盈利在广州结. Ultimate Guide Huawei Ideos X5 (ROM's, Kernels, tweaks) em Huawei Ideos X5 (U8800) Iniciado por DroidBoy, 13 Oct 2011 rom , miui , kernel , oxygen e 4 mais. prop may cause more google app drain in standby?? Last version of MIUI 10. 0 ROM from. [UPDATED] Build. prop Tweaks - a Quick Look At Android has a single text file named build. prop tweaks [20+] which will work on all Android Devices. DOWNLOAD STOCK BUILD. prop itu? Apa saja yang bisa kita lakukan dengan build. INSTALLATION: 1. So you don't need to edit build. WSM Tools: Xposed for Miui. prop Tweaks. zip (211MB) Recommend change Minfree Taskkiller from 50MB to 25MB for better multitasking performance as described here. To change the screen brightness with a registry tweak, do the following. Vân tay và nhận diện khuôn mặt rất nhanh và nhạy. prop文件,加入代码:. PROP FILE ro. MIUI VERSION 4. prop Tweaks For Performance (Root Need) for all smartphones ,Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum. gagan3421, Jul 6, 2015: Downloading at the moment , Will upload to gdrive when its done. prop tweaks. Open an elevated command prompt and type or copy-paste the following command: powercfg /L; In the output, you'll see GUIDs for each available. d tweaks scottypeterson for his ultimatescript cwc3 for his collection of scripts which I borrowed settings from tazzz811 for his thread on some great init. Miui lockscreen 12. A Company) Here You Will get Everything Of android Like custom rom, Stock rom , Recovery , Mod Apps, And many more. OK, I Understand. prop Tweaks. prop Without Root using ADB in TWRP recovery. 95Ghz-ig betáblázva (csak saját felelősségre!)-1,95Ghz feszültség fix-CPU alulfeszelve v2-VFS Cache módosítva az android gördülékenység érdekében. Use the top ranking build. However, with a little tweaking, you can get it—and all of. Vừa cầm về đã nghĩ ra cách để khắc tên của mình vào^^ : đó là Mod file build. prop on build. prop Tweaks > No Chinese Apps > No Chinese Thing In Security, Setting, Launcher. I have Redmi Note 5 Global Version, MIUI 10. gonzalo09 Members. d and build. This Download our Official Android App: Forums for Android!. Placing your question within this thread will increase its chances of being answered by a member of the community or by the developer. 0 , EDL mode closed with DFC or other way, we have to unlock bootloader and then Flash via Fastboot with Miflash. 2 and newer would have data drops randomly. d dan build. prop edits = great battery life + fast phone + full market. Miui Camera 11. I enabled "build. prop to change the way your device behaves. Prop penghemat batre , ram dan faster internet. 0 Stable GSI Treble Port for Mido by Mạnh Kều {Video} without fixing build. 25 | Ported ℹ️ Nougat 7. Karena tidak ada rom globalnya maka kita mencoba memasang rom global untuk Redmi 2 ekor 11 pada Redmi 2 ekor 13, tapi masalah kemudian timbul di antaranya: sinyal hilang, menu setting ga bisa dibuka, galeri eror, fitur kamera hilang, kalau mau hapus aplikasi malah restart dan masih banyak lagi. Download the app Root Explorer or Solid Explorer or ES File Explorer as you would need its text editor to make the tweaks. Chaning DPI is one of the most useful build. prop Tweaks: Placebo or Actual Development? See for Yourself. prop tweaks. ·added some build. prop Tweaks pilihanku yg ga bikin bootloop HHku Posted: Oktober 21, 2013 in Technology. This change was first seen in the MIUI 9 (ver. I think improved very little, just better than before, but still slower than before installing TDT. 5 China ROMs, the Chinese company has brought out gestures, which have. 15 released. ) the ability to manually select the color of the LED from the palette A-GPS settings. HUAWEI BASED CUSTOM ROMs. Smartphone manufacturers. toko bunga cikarang Asykura Florist 081319200789 Menjual berbagai Macam Karangan Bunga segar di cikarang dengan gratis ongkos kirim keseluruh kota di Indonesia diantaranya toko bunga di karawang menjual bunga papan, bunga meja, bunga hand bouquet, bunga vas, bunga krans, bunga standing, bunga tangkai, dan dekorasi. Read Carefully!!!Miui V5 4. Kumpulan beberapa tweak build. d tweaks added. with this way, you can tweak buildprop android device & increase it's performance, & boost it without any issues at all. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new. Do With Ur Own Risk ! Stay Sure Or Never Hope Any more to get Change. MIUI 8 Rom Highlights & Full Changelog:. prop with the tweaks from this guide should not harm your device in any way, but just to be safe, create a backup of your build. Download Full/ Minimal MIUI 10 GApps package from above links to your PC or laptop. You can tweak build. Multirom Dev's Modified China Developers Rom Like Global Developers Rom. SU Features : > Inbuilt Root > Inbuilt Gapps > Inbuilt Build. 25 | Ported ℹ️ Nougat 7. A quick list of the main features in MIUI 5 is given below and we are sure you'd love to use this on your Galaxy Tab 2 7. Don't Miss: The Best File Managers for Android. prop” file is a system file that exists on every Android device. 0 Pie should follow our latest guide: How to enable Camera2 API on Redmi Note 5 MIUI 10 Android 9. Need to know that this ROM is a mod global ROM. - Cleans log files and tombstones at every boot. Not all build. prop tweaks. prop Tweaks working properly. 2) I Suggest TO DOWNLOAD Root Explore. The MIUI 7 brings 30% of faster system response speed, longer battery life up to 10%, new themes, custom baby & Pet Albums, Child Mode, and Showtime. prop' file and add the line 'qemu. Multirom Comes With Lots Of Features. Ultra Explorer Pro 1. prop tweaks for 3g , image and video, smooth ui , 16 bit support. 0 [05/04/2019] for Redmi Note 4 (Mido) by Android Mạnh Kều Smooth, cool ROM, good multitasking, stable battery, good music listening. A Magisk module for debloating MIUI 10 China Developer ROM - jxjhheric/MIUI-10-China-Debloat Added some build. d wurde aufgeräumt und nur noch die guten Tweaks sind drinnen - manche Apps wurden als Tweak verlagert - Gtalk müsste jetzt Videotelefonie haben - Superuser App nervt nicht mehr da von 1. 7-Full MIUI Stock -Full New Optimized -Improve perfomance-Xperia Keyboatd Added-Init. d já com tweaks em alguns scripts - tema nativo é o novo MIUI V5 - Eliminado apps chinesas - Bastantes tweaks a nível de build prop - Sugestões após o 1º boot:. Раньше он портировал MIUI 10 на Android 7 с Mi 5X, но желание портировать Android 8 было уже давно. MUI Pro merupakan Rom yuang dikembangkan oleh developer Xiaomi. System tweaks. prop for more than just stagefright? This is a discussion on Editing the build. prop, un archivo esencial para el sistema que si es modificado se puede alcanzar mayor rendimiento y batería, entre otras cosas. Cara Memunculkan Sinyal 4G LTE Redmi 3 Pro MIUI 8 - MIUI versi 8 sudah dirilis secara resmi beberapa waktu yang lalu. zip; 红米note2. prop Tweaks > No Chinese Apps > No Chinese Thing In Security, Setting, Launcher > No Chinese Ads In File Explorer, MIUI Video, Music, Browser And So On. prop tonight and tried a few things out. ملاحظة: هذا التطبيق يتطلب وجود روت وBUSYBOX للعمل بشكل صحيح. prop changes or anymore? do you think the added google DNS tweaks in build. Miui Launcher 7.